.css-day {
  date: 'June 6 & 7';
  speakers: 14;  /* Single-track */
  venue: Zuiderkerk;  /* Amsterdam, NL */
} /* SOLD OUT! */

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On 6th and 7th of June the 10th CSS Day will take place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We expect about 320 CSS geeks to descend on our conference.

CSS Day offers you a unique opportunity for your company to get in touch with this collected front-end development and design talent.

Yes, we know they're rare, but they come to our conferences because we give them the sessions and discussions they crave. There's about 320 of them, all primed for in-depth discussions about CSS and related topics. Some of them are looking for a new job, others for solutions to particular design or CSS problems.

The 2022 and 2023 editions sold out at about 320 attendees each. In 2024 we're expecting a similar number of web designers and developers from all over Europe.

Sponsorship opportunities

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CSS Day offers the following sponsorship packages.



  • Two free tickets to the conference
  • Option to purchase more tickets with a 20% discount
  • Your logo on our website (linked)
  • Your logo on all attendees' badges
  • Your logo on our conference slides
  • Your logo on this year's videos, on YouTube and Vimeo (over 500,000 views in total, 45,000 from last edition)



  • All the advantages of the Selector package
  • One extra free ticket to the conference
  • Your pick of one of these exclusive sponsorships, subject to availability:
    1. Exclusive sponsorship of the barista
    2. Exclusive sponsorship of the morning croissants (both days)
    3. Exclusive sponsorship of the stroopwafels
  • Option to add a booth



  • All the advantages of the Selector package
  • Two extra free tickets to the conference
  • Your pick of one of these exclusive sponsorships, subject to availability:
    1. Exclusive sponsorship of the Thursday or Friday night after-party
    2. Exclusive sponsorship of the conference wifi; your company name will be our wifi password
  • Option to add a booth

Dutch sponsors will be charged 21% VAT on top of these prices.

Sponsor booths

Combinator or Identifier sponsors can upgrade their package with a table or booth at the conference for €3,000 extra.

The venue allows for at most four promotional sponsor booths, three of which are currently reserved. Attendees will pass your booth on their way to refreshments, and the restricted number of booths ensures that you'll get quite a bit of exposure.

The Sentry booth at the venue as an example of a sponsor booth

A sponsor booth at one of our conferences

Your booth gives you a fixed point where attendees can come for more information about your company or your products. Our conference prioritises quality over quantity. Typically, our sponsors have fifteen to twenty quality interactions with those attendees truly interested in their offerings.

It's up to the people in your booth to convince our attendees to work for you, your clients, or to use your software. We strongly recommend that the people in your booth are front-end developers or designers themselves, because they know what makes our audience tick.


“Already looking forward to next year’s @cssdayconf! (Couldn’t find my 2014 badge 😔).” — Sometimes badges become collector's items

We don't hand out any goodie bags or swag ourselves, but our registration tables, or other tables at the venue, are big enough to share out stickers, t-shirts, coffee mugs or the like.


Please contact us if you're interested in one of these packages, and we'll get things going. If you're looking for something else, such as a combination of packages or something custom, you should contact us as well and we'll discuss how you can get the best out of CSS Day.

“@cssdayconf Thanks for a great day - great speakers, learned loads.” — Hannah Watkins