.css-day {
  date: 'June 6 & 7';
  speakers: 14;  /* Single-track */
  venue: Zuiderkerk;  /* Amsterdam, NL */
} /* SOLD OUT! */

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CSS Day is a focused, advanced CSS conference. Our attendees and speakers are a mix of CSS designers, developers, spec writers and browser vendors, who take pride in what they know and do. We are a conference with an informal vibe and plenty of breaks, where anyone can approach anyone to discuss geeky stuff - including specifiers and implementers.

Our 10th anniversary edition will take place on June 6 & 7, 2024.

Our 2024 line-up

We're sold out, but you can still join our live stream

“Best conference I've been attending the past few years. Top notch speakers, highly relevant topics, nice venue in the heart of Amsterdam, good wifi, easy atmosphere, delicious food, drinks and bitterballen, … what's not to like?!” — Bramus!