.css-day {
  date: 'June 6 & 7';
  speakers: 14;  /* Single-track */
  venue: Zuiderkerk;  /* Amsterdam, NL */
} /* SOLD OUT! */

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Doors will open at 8:30 on both days. Registration will be on day 1. We'll have 35-minute breaks at 10:20 and 15:40, and a 75-minute lunch break at 12:40.

Sessions are 50 minutes each and run until roughly 18:00, after which we'll have drinks, a bite, and some CSS discussions, at the venue. No music, no party, no DJ. Just time to mingle with like-minded people. Doors will close around 21:00 on both days. All times are in Central European Summer Time (CEST, UTC+02:00).

Day 1, June 6th

08:30 Doors open Registration, coffee, tea & croissants
09:15 Conference opening Welcome by our MC
09:30 Matthias Ott Web Design Engineering
10:20 <br>
10:55 Rachel Andrew CSS Layout
11:50 Sarah Dayan Utility-First CSS
12:40 Lunch <br>
13:55 Julia Miocene Character Modeling in CSS
14:50 Roel Nieskens Problems Solved by OpenType
15:40 <br>
16:15 Elika Etemad Standardization Stories
17:10 Stephen Hay The Garden and The Treadmill
18:00 Ending of day 1 Drinks & discussions
21:00 Doors closed

Day 2, June 7th

08:30 Doors open Coffee, tea & croissants
09:30 Kevin Powell Over-engineering Your CSS
10:20 <br>
10:55 Sara Soueidan Accessibility and CSS
11:50 Tab Atkins-Bittner Anchor Positioning
12:40 Lunch <br>
13:55 Carmen Ansio Scroll-enhanced Experiences
14:50 Roma Komarov Impactful Experimentation
15:40 <br>
16:15 Josh Comeau How to Teach CSS
17:10 Nicole Sullivan Closing keynote
18:00 Conference closing Drinks & discussions
21:00 Doors closed ;(


Pre-CSS-Day meetup at CMD Amsterdam

On Wednesday 5th of June there will be a pre-meetup at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, where Miriam Suzanne and Bramus Van Damme will speak. It starts at 16:00 and ends around 18:30. The meetup is free, but registration is required.

Accessibility Club Summit

On Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of June, the weekend after the conference, there will be an Accessiblity Club Summit, also at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Saturday will be a barcamp and Sunday a workshop day.

CSS Café

After a successful launch two years ago, and a fantastic follow-up last year, CSS Café is thrilled to invite you to the third annual in-person CSS Café Meetup on Saturday 8th of June! Join us the day after the conference to dive even deeper into the world of CSS with fellow enthusiasts and experts.

“The conference was a bonafide hit.” — Egor Kloos