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  16th & 17th of June, 2016; }

Compagnietheater, Amsterdam

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On 17th of June 2016 the fourth annual CSS Day will take place in Amsterdam. We'll invite eight top-notch speakers to speak about a CSS topic of their choice. Thus the conference is technical at an intermediate-to-high level.

This year we'll add a second day to the conference, HTML Special, where eight more speakers will discuss several advanced features of HTML.

In the last three years we received about 250-300 attendees (see 2013, 2014 and 2015). These attendees are web designers and developers from all over Europe with a firm grasp of basic CSS, though the truly advanced tricks will be new to them. Many of them work for small or large website creation companies - or are looking for a new job.

Your company can sponsor CSS Day and HTML Special for 2,500 euros per day; or 4,500 euros for both days.

Sponsor stands

CSS Day is a unique chance for companies looking for new talent to get in touch with good front-end developers (we know they're rare, but they come to our conferences).

The venue allows several sponsor stands to be set up. Attendees will pass your stand on their way to refreshments, giving you quite a bit of exposure.


Our sponsorship package consists of:

  • A stand in the venue (about 6 square meters per stand; exact placement to be determined later)
  • Two free tickets to the conference
  • Your logo on our website (linked), attendees badges, conference slides and videos (over 70,000 plays at the moment)
  • Option to buy additional tickets at a 20% discount

Interested parties can contact us.

“Very usefully first day at @cssdayconf. Learned a lot, especially from @notwaldorf @rakaz and @LeaVerou. See you tomorrow! #cssday” — Stefan van Daalen