.css-day {
  date: 'June 6 & 7';
  speakers: 14;  /* Single-track */
  venue: Zuiderkerk;  /* Amsterdam, NL */
} /* SOLD OUT! */

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CSS Day 2024 will be live-streamed on our YouTube channel for members of our Remote Participants tier.

The Remote Participants tier is €9.99 per month and will give you access to all our live streams, as well as the regular after-conference videos and live chats with other channel members.

You can sign up via our YouTube channel. Once you've done so you can follow all 14 sessions, or a selection of them, as you see fit. You can always watch them later as well.

(In case you're looking at our channel in the iOS or AppleTV YouTube app; there's no way to become a member there (something with in-app purchases and Apple taking a cut as well, sigh). You'll have to join via a web browser, after which you can watch the streams in your desired app.)

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“I thoroughly enjoyed being at #cssday during the past days: great presentations in a single track format and just by being surrounded by lots of smart, fun and creative people who really love the web platform itself” — Bobby van der Sluis