#ui-special + .css-day {
  June 13 & 14, 2019;
  Compagnietheater, Amsterdam;
} /* SOLD OUT! */

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Day 1: UI Special

MC: Sara Soueidan

08:15 Doors open Registration, coffee & croissants
09:00 Josh Clark A.I. is your New Design Material
09:50 Steph Troeth Behind the Story
10:40 <br>
11:10 Başak Haznedaroğlu A New Era of Design Process & Culture
12:00 Hakim El Hattab Building Better Interfaces
12:50 Lunch <br>
13:50 Brad Frost The Technical Side of Design Systems
14:40 Joe Leech UX, Psychology and your Product
15:30 <br>
16:00 Stéphanie Walter Pretty, but not Usable
16:50 Jared Spool Beyond the UX Tipping Point
18:00 Party Drinks, discussions & UX Cocktail Hour

Day 2: CSS Day

MC: Tab Atkins

08:15 Doors open Registration, tea & croissants
09:00 Rachel Andrew Refactoring (the way we talk about) CSS
09:50 Florian Rivoal Line breaking and related properties from CSS Text
10:40 <br>
11:10 Elika J. Etemad (fantasai) CSS Line Layout and Vertical Rhythm
12:00 Steve Schoger Refactoring UI
12:50 Lunch <br>
13:50 Manuel Rego Casasnovas CSS Grid Layout Implementation Details
14:40 Lara Schenck Algorithms in CSS
15:30 <br>
16:00 Natalya Shelburne CSS at the Intersection
16:50 Heydon Pickering Flexbox Holy Albatross
18:00 Party Drinks, discussions & Fronteers meetup

“Thank you @cssdayconf, @WondrousLLC had a great time” — Tassilo Groeper