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  June 14 & 15, 2018;

Compagnietheater, Amsterdam

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UX Special, Thursday 14th of June

Your MC: Ruben Bos

Ruben is a lecturer in Creative Technologies and advises companies about UX, web & app development. Before that, Ruben was Creative Director at Mangrove. His work includes launching a responsive ICRC.org. In 2007 he published a book about webdesign aimed at clients of digital agencies. He has been a speaker at events like Fronteers, SXSW interactive and host at our conferences.

Alla Kholmatova

Alla is a UX and interaction designer with a nine-year experience of working on the web, for a range of products and companies. She’s particularly interested in design systems, language, and collaborative ways of working. In the last two years this interest has led her to spend a huge amount of time working on and researching the subject. She’s been sharing her insights with people through articles, workshops, projects, and most recently – a book. Alla contributes to design publications, such as A List Apart, and speaks at conferences around the world.

Andy Budd

As a renowned UX Designer and CEO of Clearleft, Andy helps companies like The BBC, John Lewis and Penguin Random House with issues of digital transformation. Andy is a regular speaker at international conferences like SXSW, An Event Apart and The Next Web. He also curates the UX London, dConstruct and Leading Design conferences. In 2011, Andy co-founded the Brighton Digital Festival, a citywide celebration of digital culture attracting 40,000 visitors and over 190 events. Andy is a serial entrepreneur, dabbles with Angel investing and mentors at Seedcamp. These are just some of the reasons his company has won Netmag Agency of the Year on several occasions, and he's appeared on both the Wired 100 and BIMA 100 lists. Never happier than when he's diving some remote tropical atoll, Andy is a qualified PADI dive instructor and retired shark wrangler.

Benjamin De Cock

Benjamin (@bdc) is a Belgian user interface designer and front-end developer at Stripe. He is also a member of the CSS Working Group as part of a broader involvement of Stripe in the W3C.

Jenny Shen

Jenny (@jennyshen) is a Senior UX/Product Designer at Toptal who creates digital products for companies across the globe. She has worked with over 20 clients, from innovative startups to brands like Neiman Marcus, eBuddy, TravelBird, Randstad, Deskbookers and more. With a passion for helping newcomers in UX to grow, she mentors designers under her mentorship program. In her spare time, she is advocating for diversity and empowering women to succeed as the founder of Ladies that UX Amsterdam, the largest women in the tech community in The Netherlands.

Josh Clark

Josh is a UX designer and design leader who helps organizations build products for what's next. He is founder of Big Medium, a New York design studio specializing in future-friendly interfaces for artificial intelligence, connected devices, and responsive websites. His clients include Samsung, Time Inc, ExxonMobil, About.com, TechCrunch, Entertainment Weekly, eBay, O’Reilly Media, and many others. Josh has written several books, including Designing for Touch and Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps. He speaks around the world about what’s next for digital interfaces.

Nadieh Bremer

Nadieh is a graduated Astronomer, turned Data Scientist, turned self-taught Data Visualization Designer. After working for a consultancy & fintech company where she discovered her passion for the visualization of data, she's now working as a freelancing data visualization designer under the name "Visual Cinnamon". She focuses on uniquely crafted (interactive) data visualizations that both engage and enlighten its audience. Secretly, she wouldn't mind venturing into data & generative art as well.

Vitaly Friedman

Vitaly loves beautiful content and does not give up easily. From Minsk in Belarus, he studied computer science and mathematics in Germany, discovered the passage a passion for typography, writing and design. After working as a freelance designer and developer for 6 years, he co-founded Smashing Magazine, a leading online magazine dedicated to design and web development. Vitaly is the author, co-author and editor of all Smashing books. He currently works as editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine in the lovely city of Vilnius, Lithuania.

And one more speakers to be announced

CSS Day, Friday 15th of June

Your MC: Rachel Andrew

Rachel is a front and back-end web developer, author and speaker. Her 22 published books include The New CSS Layout for A Book Apart. Rachel is co-founder of the CMS Perch, is Editor in Chief of Smashing Magazine, a Google Developer Expert, and an Invited Expert to the CSS Working Group where she is co-editor of the Multi-column layout spec. In all her spare time she is learning to fly aeroplanes. She writes about business and technology on her own site at rachelandrew.co.uk.

Chen Hui Jing

Hui Jing is a self-taught designer and developer with an inordinate love for CSS. Reducing lines of code in her web projects makes her extremely happy. She used to play basketball full-time and launched her web career during downtime between training sessions.

Eric Meyer

Eric (@meyerweb) has been a burger flipper, a college webmaster, an early blogger, one of the original CSS Samurai, a member of the CSS Working Group, a consultant and trainer, and a Standards Evangelist for Netscape. Currently, he is technical lead at Rebecca’s Gift and co-founder of An Event Apart with Jeffrey Zeldman. Among other things, Eric wrote Design For Real Life for A Book Apart and CSS: The Definitive Guide for O’Reilly, created the first official W3C test suite, and assisted in the creation of microformats. Eric lives with his family in Cleveland, Ohio, which is a much nicer city than you’ve probably heard.

Greg Whitworth

Greg works on the rendering engine (EdgeHTML) of Microsoft Edge and is an avid advocate of enriching the web platform to empower web developers. He is a member of the W3C CSS Working Group and the CSS Houdini Task Force. He really enjoys trying to go after interop between web browsers in hopes of making the amazing experiences that web developers create, just work for their users. Prior to working with Microsoft, he was a full time web developer for over a decade working on small/medium sites and web applications.

Hidde de Vries

Hidde (@hdv) is a front-end web developer. On his blog he writes about HTML, CSS, JavaScript and accessibility. As a freelancer, he helps governments, organisations and companies with fast, scalable and accessible front-end solutions for their end users.

Ire Aderinokun

Ire is a self-taught Frontend Developer and User Interface Designer based in Lagos, Nigeria. She currently works as a Software Developer for eyeo, the company behind products like Adblock Plus and Flattr Plus, building open source software to make a better internet. Ire specialised in all things HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but is passionate about all aspects of technology. She has written over 100 articles on these topics on her blog, bitsofco.de, and has spoken at conferences around Africa and the world.

Richard Rutter

Richard is a founding partner of Clearleft, a digital design consultancy based in Brighton, UK. Richard is an accomplished technical author and has spoken around the world about web typography and user experience design. In 2009, Richard co-founded the web font service Fontdeck as a way to unite web designers and type designers in introducing rich typography to the web. Richard recently crowd-funded and self-published his book, Web Typography.

Sara Soueidan

Sara is a Lebanese freelance front-end web developer working with companies across the globe, building clean, responsive front-ends for Web sites and applications focused on accessibility, progressive enhancement and performance. She also runs workshops on front-end development and writes technical articles on her blog and for various big publications. Sara wrote the Codrops CSS Reference, co-authored the Smashing Book 5, and has been voted the Developer of the Year in the 2015 net awards.

And one more speakers to be announced

“#cssday was really nice. Thanks to the organisation. great insight from @fantasai. We should definately get more involved in w3c standards!” — Theo van Asselt