.css-day {
  speakers: 14; // Single-track
  date: 'June 9 & 10'; // Ok, that's 2 days :)
  venue: Zuiderkerk; // Amsterdam, NL
} /* SOLD OUT! */

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Doors opened at 8:30 on both days. Registration was on day 1. We had 35 minute breaks at 10:20 and 15:50, and a 75 minute lunch break at 12:40.

Sessions were 50 minutes and ran until roughly 18:00, after which we had drinks, a bite, and some CSS discussions, at the venue. No music, no party, no DJ. Just time to mingle with like-minded people. Doors closed around 21:00 on both days.

Day 1, June 9th

08:30 Doors open Registration, coffee, tea & croissants
09:30 Jeremy Keith In And Out Of Style
10:20 <br>
10:55 Rachel Andrew Interop 2022
11:50 Lea Verou CSS Variable Secrets
12:40 Lunch <br>
13:55 Bramus Van Damme The CSS Cascade, a deep dive
14:50 Ana Ferreira Collaborating without Borders
15:40 <br>
16:15 Chris Lilley Escaping the sRGB Prison
17:10 Marcin Wichary I pressed ⌘B. You wouldn’t believe what happened next
18:00 Ending of day 1 Drinks & discussions
21:00 Doors closed

Day 2, June 10th

08:30 Doors open Coffee, tea & croissants
09:30 Adam Argyle Oh Snap!
10:20 <br>
10:55 Michelle Barker Creative CSS Layout
11:50 Amit Sheen Getting Creative with Keyframes
12:40 Lunch <br>
13:55 Ben Evans The Joy of CSS
14:50 Maike Klip Service Design and Front End Interaction
15:40 <br>
16:15 Tab Atkins-Bittner The Future of Organizing Your CSS
17:10 Stephen Hay When Design Systems Lie
18:00 Conference closing Drinks & discussions
21:00 Doors closed ;(

“Finally back in New York after an amazing #CSSDay in Amsterdam. It was such a pleasure to meet you (or see you again) and learn from you. What a wonderful community. You all are doing the work 💪 to make this space inclusive and good.” — Natalya