.css-day {
  date: 'June 8 & 9';
  speakers: 14; // Single-track
  venue: Zuiderkerk; // Amsterdam, NL
} /* SOLD OUT! */

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Live stream

CSS Day 2023 will be live-streamed on our YouTube channel for members of our Remote Participants tier.

The Remote Participants tier is €9.99 per month and will give you access to all our live streams, as well as the regular after-conference videos and live chats with other channel members.

You can sign up via our YouTube page. Once you've done so you can follow all 14 streams of all 14 sessions, or a selection of them, as you see fit. You can always watch them later as well.

(In case you're looking at our channel in the iOS or AppleTV YouTube app; there's no way to become a member there (something with in-app purchases and Apple taking a cut as well, sigh). You'll have to join via a web browser, after which you can watch the streams in your desired app.)

This is an experiment; let's see how it works and if there's enough interest to continue this offering.

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“Thanks @cssdayconf for an inspiring day full of hot* new CSS things!” — Elwin Schmitz