.dsgnday + .css-day {
  June 10 & 11, 2021;
  Compagnietheater, Amsterdam;

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A conference is as much about meeting old and new friends as it is about the sessions. We'll have breaks and lunch, as well as drinks after the conference on both days, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to chat.

All attendees, 64 in total
Name Company Twitter Days From
Ana Ferreira Doist @ac_f Both PT
Andrea Vos Clearly @clearlydrea dsgn NL
Another speaker Both CN
Bramus Van Damme 3RDS @bramus CSS BE
Chris Mills Mozilla @chrisdavidmills Both UK
Christian Schaefer Working Draft Podcast @derSchepp Both DE
Daniël Koster SVB dsgn NL
Darice de Cuba Hogeschool Rotterdam @Darice Both NL
Darren Cadwallader bitcrowd Both DE
David Vielhuber close2 new media @vielhuber CSS DE
Derek Erb Derek Erb Solutions @dcefrance Both FR
Hans Ceelen Driessen Holding Both NL
Heleen Boland Heleen Boland dsgn NL
Hidde de Vries W3C @hdv Both NL
Hui Jing Chen @hj_chen Both SG
Jan Enning Kleinejan.org Both NL
Jannie Breij Both NL
Jasha Joachimsthal Onegini @jashaj dsgn NL
Jeff Schreiber Driessen Holding dsgn NL
Jeremy Keith Clearleft @adactio Both UK
Jeroen Heijmans Infi Utrecht Both NL
Jeroen van der Ent SVB dsgn NL
Jesse de Bruijne Effectory Both NL
Jesse Groen Knowledge Values Both NL
Johan Smits Saxion University of Applied Sciences CSS NL
Johnny Nas Less or More Both NL
Jon Pearse @jonpearse Both GB
Kamila Zborowska-Tas TOPdesk Nederland Both NL
Krijn Hoetmer Qontent @krijnhoetmer Both NL
Laura Carlier CSS NL
Lynn Fisher &yet @lynnandtonic Both US
Maike Klip DUO @manuelame Both NL
Marcin Wichary Figma @mwichary Both US
Martijn van Duuren @Martijnvduuren Both NL
Megan Gawlinski diconium digital solutions Both DE
Michael Hastrich 72/300 @mchaste Both NL
Michelle Barker Atomic Smash @MicheBarks Both UK
Miriam Suzanne OddBird @MiriSuzanne Both US
Paul van Buuren WBVB Rotterdam @paulvanbuuren Both NL
Peer Fisser Infi Utrecht Both NL
Peter Boersma ServiceNow @pboersma Both NL
Peter-Paul Koch QuirksMode.org @ppk Both NL
Rainer Haug diconium digital solutions Both DE
Raisa Getrouw SVB Both NL
Ramon Vloon Effectory Both NL
Razvan Caliman Mozilla @razvancaliman Both NL
Richard Rutter Clearleft @clagnut Both UK
Robert Van der Elst Rietveld Licht & Wonen @rvanderelst Both NL
Roy Hoeijmans Effectory Both NL
Ruben Bos @rubenbos dsgn NL
Sander Vink Infi Utrecht Both NL
Sandra Fontijn SVB Both NL
Sarah Märdian @smaerdian Both DE
Some other speaker Both NL
Some speaker Both US
Steffen Wenzel close2 new media CSS DE
Stéphanie Walter @walterstephanie Both LU
Stephen Hay Rabobank @stephenhay Both NL
Thijs Reijgersberg Werkspot @ysbreker Both NL
To be announced speaker Both US
Tommy Seijkens Driessen Holding Both NL
Umar Hansa @umaar Both UK
Vasilis van Gemert Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences @vasilis Both NL
Victor Bastiaansen Kop Erbij @vicpuntnl Both NL

“Learned a lot of new things at #cssday day 1, HTML. Useful things, nerdy things, horrid things. And met lots of awesome folks! Till morrow!” — Job