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  June 13 & 14, 2019;
  Compagnietheater, Amsterdam;

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This year will feature printed books! We've got books from Alla Kholmatova, Richard Rutter and Jeroen van Geel for sale, and we've got a book swap.

Book swap

It's time to try something new: a web development/design book swap. It's very simple: you Bring a Book (or several) you no longer need and leave it behind, and you Take a Book you're interested in. There will be a table in the venue dedicated to this, including sticky notes, so you can send a message in a botbook to the new owner.

If there are any books left after the conference we'll donate them to a worthy cause.

Book shop

Some of our speakers have just written a book, and we've offered them to sell a copy to you during the conference. We'll handle the payment, you'll have to handle the signing with the author :) After payment, you can pick up your book at the registration desk during the breaks.

Design Systems by Alla Kholmatova

Not all design systems are equally effective. Some can generate coherent user experiences, others produce confusing patchwork designs. Some inspire teams to contribute to them, while others are neglected. Some get better with time, more cohesive and better functioning; others get worse, becoming bloated and cumbersome.

Throughout this book, Alla Kholmatova, previously a lead designer at FutureLearn, will share an approach and the key qualities of effective, enduring design systems. It’s based on Alla’s experiences, case-studies from AirBnB, Atlassian, Eurostar, TED, and Sipgate, plus 18 months of research and interviews — all attempting to figure out what works and what doesn’t work in real-life products. It may not answer every question, but it will help you figure out just the right strategy for establishing and evolving a design system in your organization.

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Web Typography by Richard Rutter

Typography is what comes between the author and the reader. This is as true on the web as it is in any other medium. If a text has anything at all significant to say, it needs a typographer’s care, which will in turn be repaid by the reader’s attention. If you design websites or use CSS then you are a typographer whether you know it or not.

This book is a practical guide and companion reference to all aspects of typography on the web. It deftly combines implement­ation details with typographic theory, and is ideal for designers, developers and anyone else involved in the process of creating a website.

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Pitching Ideas by Jeroen van Geel

We are good at designing beautiful products and we offer good services. We always know exactly what the user wants and we know dozens of methodologies. However, if we have to convince our customers and colleagues, we find it to be rather difficult.

For one reason or another, pitching ideas is one of the most undervalued practices in the creative field. From convincing a colleague to opt for a certain methodology to persuading a customer to go for a certain concept. You can have the best ideas in the world, but if you are not able to bring them across, they will never become reality.

In this book the author will take you inside of the heads of the people you have to convince. Pitching Ideas will help you to find the essence of the idea you want to get across and will explain how you can really convince the right people in the end.

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“Twas weer eens demax in #Amsterdam!” — Bert De Swaef