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  16th & 17th of June, 2016; }

Compagnietheater, Amsterdam

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CSS Day is a two-day advanced web development conference, one day about CSS, and one day about HTML.

HTML Special

Thursday 16th of June - eight speakers - eight HTML tags

The new HTML Special, on Thursday 16th of June, treats a few advanced HTML5 topics such as iframes, links, and SVG. Don't expect basic sessions, by the way; we kind-of assume that our attendees already know how HTML works, and that they prefer to hear about edge cases, odd circumstances, and advanced tips and tricks.

HTML Special will be hosted by Ruben Bos.


Friday 17th of June - eight speakers - eight CSS topics

The actual CSS Day, on Friday 17th of June, is in its fourth year now. Frequent visitors know the score: geeky nerding about CSS topics you were only vaguely aware of, but end up wanting to use in your projects right now.

CSS Day will be hosted by Stephen Hay.

“#cssday was really nice. Thanks to the organisation. great insight from @fantasai. We should definately get more involved in w3c standards!” — Theo van Asselt