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  16th & 17th of June, 2016; }

Compagnietheater, Amsterdam

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CSS Day is a two-day advanced web development conference, one day about CSS, and one day about HTML.

CSS Day Speakers

HTML Special Speakers


Friday 17th of June - eight speakers - eight CSS topics

The actual CSS Day, on Friday 17th of June, is in its fourth year now. Frequent visitors know the score: geeky nerding about CSS topics you were only vaguely aware of, but end up wanting to use in your projects right now.

HTML Special

Thursday 16th of June - eight speakers - eight HTML tags

The new HTML Special, on Thursday 16th of June, treats a few advanced HTML5 topics such as iframes, links, and SVG. Don't expect basic sessions, by the way; we kind-of assume that our attendees already know how HTML works, and that they prefer to hear about edge cases, odd circumstances, and advanced tips and tricks.

“Top dag gehad bij @cssdayconf.” — Kaj Rietberg