Eight world-class speakers, eight world-class sessions

4th of June, 2014

Compagnietheater, Amsterdam

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On the day before the main conference, Tuesday 3rd of June, we'll organise two workshops, at the same time:

20 tickets are available per workshop. Both workshops will be held on Tuesday 3rd of June. They will run from about 09:00 to 17:00, in the same vanue as the conference.

Both workshops are 300 euros + 21% VAT. You will need to buy separate tickets for the workshops. The conference tickets are only valid for the conference itself.

Workshop Advanced Sass by Roy Tomeij

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Would you like to start using the Sass CSS-preprocessor, or do you want to optimize your workflow and get the most out of it? Work with Roy Tomeij and get to master Sass at an advanced level. Even if you've never used it before.

While the workshop covers the core concepts, syntax and features of Sass, it doesn't stop there. We'll be auto-generating sprites with Compass, dive into cool new Sass 3.3 features and cover workflow & architecture. We won't shy away from things such as media query management, using Sass to manage right-to-left layouts and frameworks built on top of Sass. As if that wasn't enough, we'll be writing some code that should never, ever be used in production.

A selection of things we'll cover:

  • Sass data types, operation & control structures
  • Understanding @extend
  • Write your own Sass functions
  • Media queries, @supports and bubbling
  • Media query management and fallbacks
  • Compass (and some Bourbon)
  • Automatic sprite generation and inlining assets
  • Sass & front-end performance
  • New features in Sass 3.3
  • Modular development
  • Dive into complex (but real life) problems to tackle with Sass
  • Write insanely non-performant code, so you don't have to on your actual projects ;)

During the workshop there's plenty of time to ask questions and play around with code. A few weeks before the workshop takes place you'll receive video instructions to guide you through the process of getting Sass to work on your laptop (bring your own). Attendees ideally have at least an intermediate understanding of CSS.

Roy Tomeij is a well known Sass evangelist and speaker, having presented on Sass at over 25 conferences such as Future of Web Apps and SassConf.

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Name Company Twitter From
Jeffrey de Graaf Kega @jeffreydegraaf NL
Jordi Schut Drecomm
Juan Carlos Gonzalez a.n.d. Internet Services @cayaoh DE
Marc Veens S5 @TheMarc_
Maurice den Engelsman S5 @Maurice_S5
Niels van Rongen Kega @nielsvanrongen NL
Paul van Buuren WBVB Rotterdam @paulvanbuuren NL
Raphael Ott Best Gaming Technology AT

Workshop Responsive Design Workflow by Stephen Hay

This workshop is sold out.

Forget fixed-width Photoshop comps and overproduced wireframes. Yesterday's web design deliverables fail to take into account the demands of responsive web design. Stephen will introduce a new workflow for today's web.

What you'll learn:

  • A content-based approach to designing for the web
  • The why and how of low-fi responsive wireframes
  • How to "design in text" and use plain text markup as a base for design mockups
  • How making a "linear design" can simplify the responsive design process
  • How to determine breakpoints, as well as how to visualize and design for them
  • How responsive, web-based design mockups are an effective alternative to Photoshop comps
  • How to present your web-based design mockups
  • A strategy for creating and automating a style guide for your design

This workshop is geared toward designers who aren't afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone, as well as front-end developers who are heavily involved in the design process. Designers will be encouraged to consider using code and other developer tools in order to make their work easier and their design deliverables more effective.

This workshop is sold out.

Name Company Twitter From
Alice Murphy akquinet tech@spree DE
Arndt Allmeling Jung von Matt DE
Arnoud Lagcher SIMgroep NL
Ben Darlow Darlow Technology @kapowaz UK
Danh Nguyen Luminis Apeldoorn NL
Danny van der Zalm SIMgroep @SalmonRulez NL
Edo van Tilborgh Happy Flow NL
Eva Kock SIMgroep @evakock NL
Francis Errant Happy Flow NL
Gijs Veyfeyken AnySurfer @veyfeyken BE
Jaap Bearda Informaat NL
Jake Abma Informaat NL
Jonas Proia @jonasproia BE
Kristina Terhürne d.velop DE
Michael Seifert Jung von Matt DE
Pascal Vos Luminis Apeldoorn NL
Robert Andersen Jung von Matt DE
Sandra van Zanten XCESS expertise center NL
Sead Memic SIMgroep @seadmemic NL
Stephan Muller Luminis Apeldoorn @Litso_ NL